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Screenshot showing how to use mail merge tags in a simple cold email

Start sending smarter emails and reach more people, more efficiently.

Powerful and easy to use

1. Sign in with your Gmail account

You can use LeadSequence with your Google account, no need to remember another password. Simply authorize us to access your Gmail account.

Important: Your privacy is extremely important to us. You only allow LeadSequence to send emails, we cannot read your emails.

2. Import your mailing list

Upload a spreadsheet containing email addresses and all other recipient data you want to include in your emails (e.g. first names, company names, etc.)

You can use any spreadsheet application like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to do this, and we are happy to help you here!

3. Compose your initial email

Compose the email you want to send to everyone on your mailing list. Now comes the best part: You can use mail merge tags to personalize every single message.

Mail merge tags link to the columns in your list. If you have a first name column, the corresponding mail merge tag will be /*first name*/.

4. Add follow-ups (optional)

Following up when people do not reply is a super-effective way to increase your exposure – and LeadSequence does it for you automatically!

If you want, you can add up to three follow-up messages that are sent if no reply is received after a time period you specify.

Automate your follow-up emails and increase your reply rate.

Simple pricing

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Send up to 500 emails per month

Up to 1 follow-up per campaign

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Send up to 1,500 emails per month

Up to 3 follow-ups per campaign

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Send up to 3,000 emails per month

Unlimited follow-ups per campaign

No LeadSequence branding

$20/month    $40/month
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